Copeland Dentists Determined to Reduce Rates of Decay

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Dentists in Copeland are determined to do their bit to bring rates of decay down after figures revealed that the Cumbrian district has one of the highest rates of decay in England. Figures recently published by NHS England show that 35 percent of children in the region have signs of tooth decay by the time they celebrate their 5th birthday.

The statistics also revealed that children in the area are more than 50 percent more likely to develop a dental abscess than the average child in England.

In response to the figures, local dental professionals have vowed to do everything they can to fight decay and improve standards of oral health among Copeland’s children. Horn Hill Dental Practice in Millom is hosting a series of health sessions for families in the area, aiming to educate parents and children about oral hygiene and the impact of a poor diet on oral health.

Oral health educator at the Millom practice, Beverley Robinson, said it’s important that patients understand the importance of healthy eating and a good oral hygiene routine. Decay is common, but it is preventable and the sooner people adopt positive habits, the better.

Mrs Robinson will be hosting a workshop at Millom Children’s Centre on the 17th March and also has plans to visit a number of local schools in the coming weeks.

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