Convicted Fake Dental Practitioner Continues to Run Clinic in Belfast

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In April this year, Samuel Irvine-Madine was found guilty of carrying out illegal teeth whitening and impersonating a dental practitioner.

The General Dental Council took him to court, where he received at £500 fine.

It has now been discovered that since then, he has carried on treating patients at the HD Smile Clinic in Belfast. This clinic claims to specialise in teeth whitening and is advertised as professionally run.

As Mr Irvine-Madine is not registered as a dentist, the treatments and chemicals he uses are not properly regulated.

Dental professionals working in the UK are regulated by the General Dental Council, which states that only dentists, clinical dental technicians, dental therapists and dental hygienists (working by a dentist’s prescription) are legally permitted to perform teeth whitening procedures.

The GDC has taken legal action against four illegal teeth whitening cases in Northern Ireland since 2001, including the case of Mr Irvine-Madine.

Francesca Keen works for the GDC. She said the harm seen by the GDC is burns on the gums and lips, facial damage and irreplaceable tooth damage. In more severe cases they’ve witnessed patients who have been hospitalised due to consuming chemical whitening products used illegally on their teeth.



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