Consumers looking for bright white smiles urged to be cautious amid concerns over the safety of home whitening products

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Dentists are urging patients looking for bright, white smiles to be cautious amid concerns over the safety of home whitening products.

Research suggests that around 40% of British adults would like a more attractive smile, with whitening becoming an increasingly popular cosmetic treatment over the last 5 years. Shows like Love Island and the Only Way is Essex, the popularity of the selfie, and the rise of the Hollywood smile have all contributed to more and more people lusting after a perfect white smile. The trouble is that dentists are worried that some of the products available to buy from stores and websites aren’t safe.

As tooth whitening is a dental treatment, it should only be provided by trained, registered dental professionals. Despite the fact that whitening can only be provided legally by qualified practitioners, it is possible to buy home whitening kits. Dentists believe that some of the products that are available to buy contain dangerous levels of hydrogen peroxide, a bleaching agent, and additional abrasive chemicals, which damage the enamel.

Anyone who is desperate to enjoy a whiter smile is advised to consult their dentist. There’s a lot of conflicting information about tooth whitening around, and a degree of scepticism related to some whitening products. Whitening toothpastes are thought to be ineffective, while some whitening products can damage the tooth’s protective enamel and burn the gums. Whitening services that are provided by people who do not have dental qualifications in beauty salons or shops are illegal, and the General Dental Council is stepping up its fight against illegal whitening providers. Seeing a dentist is an effective, safe way of getting the smile you want.

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