Connecticut Wolves Get Their Teeth Taken Care Of

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When someone’s tooth hurts it is time to send for a dentist, and this is just as true if you are a wolf.

Beardsley Zoo in Conneticut recently as part of their regular medical and dental check-ups made sure two of their Mexican wolves underwent root canal treatments, as well as removing teeth,  in order to ensure their teeth were as healthy as possible.

The director of the Zoo, Gregg Dancho, noted that the zoo spends a good deal of their time and effort in preventative care for their animals, including dental care, and the zoo’s animal carers watch very closely for any signs the animal is in distress, including toothache.

Because there were antibiotics involved to protect the Wolves’ mouths from infection and the issue with administering medicine while the animals are in the exhibits, one of the two wolves will be kept out of the exhibit for as much as a month, while they are taken care of.

The wolves were well taken care of during the procedure, and received the best therapeutic treatment available to ensure they weren’t in much pain while having their teeth taken care of.

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