Concerns about Scotland’s new dental care plan

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The Scottish government has been urged to consider concerns from dentists when it comes to their new ‘model of care’ plan for dentistry.

This plan is part of the wider Oral Health Improvement program, aiming to improve the dental health of those living in Scotland.

The new plan involves a patient-focused approach to dentistry, with a big emphasis on prevention. They will be introducing a new Oral Health Risk Assessment, which will be compulsory. 

So, what’s the problem? The BDA (British Dental Association) believe that the proposed arrangements may have serious implications for dentists in Scotland. Some are concerned about the additional funding that would be needed, which they say the Scottish government wouldn’t be able to afford.

Chair of the Scottish Dental Practice Committee, David McColl, has commented: 

“These new arrangements potentially represents a huge change for the profession in Scotland, and how NHS dentistry is delivered. While we welcome the new focus on prevention and the involvement of patients, the Scottish Government needs to recognise that any new system must be adequately funded.”

The BDA isn’t giving up easily, vowing to press the government group working on the OHRA plan to revise their arrangement. They say they want to be an active part of discussions, to be able to properly advise the government when it comes to the future of dentistry.

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