Comfortable smile ‘contributes to beauty’

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Upgrading a person’s smile can do more for their life than almost any other treatment, according to Dr Marc Liechtung.

He came to this conclusion after introducing an invention called the SnapOn Smile, which is a dental appliance made of resin that fits over a person’s teeth without the need for glue or drilling.

This helps to disguise discoloured teeth and masks crooked or missing teeth. In fact, more than 6,000 dentists throughout the US now offer their patients the SnapOn Smile solution.

Dr Liechtung said the resin appliance should not be used as a method of copying a particular celebrity’s smile.

"I did not come up with the SnapOn Smile so people could mimic celebrities," he remarked.

Patients can choose from a range of 18 shapes and 17 colours.

The results of a recent poll in Canada revealed that cosmetic dentistry can boost people’s self-confidence. Teeth whitening, especially professional bleaching treatments, is apparently one of the most sought-after solutions.




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