Coleraine dental duo develops innovative new anti-snoring devices

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A dental laboratory owned by a husband and wife team has developed pioneering new anti-snoring devices. CinchORTHO, which is based in Coleraine and owned by Judy and William Purvis, has created two new gadgets designed to prevent snoring and sleep apnoea. The firm has been working on the projects with North West Regional College’s Business Support Centre.
Co-founder, Judy Purvis, explained that the firm has been working on three new devices, two of which were envisioned by Philip Devlin from the Product Design Centre at NRWC. These devices are designed to ease snoring and also to treat sleep apnoea, a condition that occurs when the airways are blocked for periods lasting at least 10 seconds.
The devices have been developed under CinchORTHO’s Soundly brand name, and they work by pushing the jaw forward slightly and holding it in an open position while you sleep. This helps to increase air flow and prevent disrupted breathing and snoring.
Judy contacted Philip Devlin after working with a team based at the Northern Ireland Technology Centre at Queen’s University on Soundly’s ‘Soundly X’ mandibular repositioning device. Having developed this appliance, Judy wanted to work on another two devices, and turned to Philip to bring her vision to life.

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