Cleckheaton dental practice has new owners

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A well-known dental practice in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, has been taken over by new owners.

Christie & Co has confirmed the recent sale of 57 Dental Care. The centre, which is housed in a substantial detached property, has been purchased by Temur and Sanna Khan. The practice houses four surgeries, which were renovated when the previous owners took the reins in 2008.

Temur, an implantologist and his wife, Sanna, are looking forward to marking their first foray into business, and the duo has grand plans to make the most of Temur’s clinical expertise and create a dental implant hub. 

The previous practice was a mixed clinic, providing a diverse range of services, and Temur is hoping to build on its success and further enhance its reputation by adding specialist services that are increasingly sought-after. Dental implants have emerged as the treatment of choice for patients who have lost natural teeth, providing a long-term, lifelike option. 

To secure funding and navigate the purchase process, Temur and Sanna worked with finance director at Christie & Co, Jawad Anjum. Talking about the sale, Mr Anjum said that it was a pleasure to assist Temur and Sanna with the acquisition of 57 Dental Care, especially as they had missed out on an alternative clinic previously. The couple is ambitious, and this practice was the perfect fit for them, Mr Anjum stated. 

The husband and wife team is now looking forward to getting started and welcoming patients to their new practice.

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