Clear Choice Dental donates dental implants to military policeman

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Clear Choice Dental has announced that they will donate dental implants to Robert Harris, a former military policeman.

Harris has been struggling with his oral health for many years following an incident where he had six of his teeth knocked out by a suspect armed with a wooden stick. The attack occurred during an arrest many years ago and his dental health has deteriorated since. Mr Harris was working as a military policeman in the Air Force at the time.

For the last thirty years Mr Harris has been wearing partial plates, but his dental health has been on downhill slope for years, as the dentures have impacted on the surrounding teeth. He has struggled with eating and speaking in recent years and he doesn’t feel comfortable with the appearance of his smile.

With the help of Clear Choice Dental, Mr Harris’ fortunes are about to change; the clinic is providing a set of dental implants for Mr Harris at a cost of $37,000. The organisation is also paying for another eighteen ex-servicemen with dental problems to undergo similar treatments as part of their ‘Star Spangled Smiles’ campaign, which is costing the company over a million dollars.

Mr Harris’ treatment will start tomorrow, when he will undergo surgery to remove fifteen teeth; once the teeth have been extracted a full set of dental implants will be fitted to the upper and lower teeth. The implants will take around six months to integrate fully into the bone tissue and during this time Mr Harris will be provided with temporary dental bridges. Once the gum and bone tissue have fully healed, the new teeth will be fitted and Mr Harris will be able to enjoy his brand new smile.

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February 2nd, 2011 at 08:47 PM
frank simmer Says :

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