Chippenham Dentist Urges Cyclists To Wear A Helmen Following Serious Accident

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A dentist from Chippenham has urged people to wear a helmet when cycling after suffering a serious accident, dentist Laurinda Watt said that she only survived being run over by a motorcyclist because she was wearing a helmet.

Laurinda was on a cycling holiday in France when she was run over by a motorcyclist, she was seriously injured and needed two operations on her neck.

Mrs Watt said that she only survived the accident because she was wearing a helmet and members of her cycling group helped to keep her still while she was waiting for an ambulance to arrive. She also thanked the staff at Bristol’s Frenchay Hospital, where she had surgery.

The Dentist was with her husband and two sons and a group of fellow cyclists when the accident happened, she was at the front and turned around to alert the group when she spotted a motorbike coming towards them, she said she is not sure exactly what happened but she must have fallen off the bike and was then run over by the motorcyclist.

She broke her neck in three places and also sustained injuries to her sternum, she spent a week in hospital in France before returning to the UK in a private plane.

Laurinda said that she will always wear a helmet now, even if she is just popping down to the road to the local shop, s you never know when accidents may happen. If she had not been wearing a helmet at the time of the incident, she would have almost certainly suffered serious head injuries and fractures to her skull.

Laurinda is planning to return to work at the High Street Dental practice in Chippenham in the next couple of weeks.

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