Chippenham Dental Team Returns from Uganda Charity Mission

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A trio of dental professionals from Chippenham has returned from an inspirational charity mission in Uganda.

Dental nurses Alex Kettlety and Trudi Maidment and hygienist Clare Hart-Ramsey recently travelled to the African country as part of a volunteer project run by Dentaid.

Over the course of their stay in Uganda, the three volunteers from the High Street Dental Practice worked alongside fellow professionals to provide treatment and pain relief for more than 1,000 people. Most had never seen a dentist before and demand for the temporary clinics was high. On one day, the team ran a clinic at a community hall and when they arrived, more than 400 people were already queuing outside.

Mrs Maidment said we often take dental care for granted at home, but in Uganda, dental care is an un-affordable luxury for most and those who do get to see a dentist often have to walk for miles, braving the elements. One day, the team tended to hundreds of people who had been forced to trudge the tracks in a thunderstorm. The experience made everyone reflect on life back in the UK and the volunteers left with a renewed appreciation for the systems we have available at home.

The trio spent two weeks in Uganda, each raising £2,000 to fund the trip.

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