Children’s Book Encouraging Good Oral Hygiene Habits Is Backed By Dental Charity

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A new storybook for children, which aims to encourage good oral hygiene habits, has won the backing of the UK’s leading dental charity, the British Dental Health Foundation.

Black Toothed Ruth Black charts the journey of a young girl who doesn’t brush her teeth and ends up on a scary adventure, only to be rescued by the Tooth Fairy. The message is clear and simple and helps children to understand the importance of cleaning their teeth. The book was written by the editor of the Northern Echo, Peter Barron.

The British Dental Health Foundation has now agreed to market and sell the story on their website.

Author, Peter Barron, said that most parents have a struggle to get their children to brush their teeth twice a day and this book helps children to understand why hey are nagged about cleaning their teeth. Hopefully it will make teeth cleaning fun in every household.

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