Chichester dentist praises new Covid-secure ways of working

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A dentist from Chichester has praised new Covid-secure ways of working, stressing that the measures introduced to reduce infection have been working “really well.”

Roger Scholes, from Market House Dental Practice, explained that the new systems that have been introduced to minimise contact have actually increased efficiency and benefited patients and staff. To reduce social contact, dentists are providing telephone triage services and accepting bookings and payments over the phone. The new methods enable patients to come straight into the treatment room and dentists to prepare in advance, as they already know what kind of treatment the patient requires and what symptoms they have. 

Mr Scholes said that patients are benefiting from not having to wait around and dentists are able to start treatment swiftly as soon as the patient arrives. 

As well as introducing measures to prevent patients coming into contact with others, the practice has also stepped up infection control and sanitisation and invested in new equipment. The clinic now has an HEPA air filtration system and virus-destroying sanitisers. Like all other practices, Mr Scholes has also had to invest in additional PPE at a cost of up to £50 per patient. 

Despite the experience of going to the dentist being different, Mr Scholes said that the team was “thrilled to be back” and added that everyone is looking forward to seeing patients in the weeks and months ahead.

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