Chernobyl children to receive dental and medical care thanks to donations from Kingsbridge Estuary Rotary Club

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Children from Chernobyl will be able to benefit from dental and medical care in the UK after Kingsbridge Estuary Rotary Club made a donation to the Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline charity. The donation will pay for a group of children to visit the South Hams later this year.

During their time in the UK, the children will be treated by local dentists and given eye and general medical checks. The children will also be taking part in a host of fun activities in what will be a therapeutic and relaxing holiday for them.

Sue Wyeth, chair of the Totnes and South Hams Link- Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline, explained that the donation from the club will mean the world to children who don’t even have access to the most basic healthcare and survive in bleak conditions in an area that is still trying to recover from the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster. Sue stated that many of the children may look healthy, but most have health problems as a result of exposure to radiation, as they eat and drink contaminated food and water. Sue has visited the area herself, and she is passionate about taking steps to improve the lives of these children.

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