Channel Island Health Authorities Issue Warning Over Illegal Whitening

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Health authorities in the Channel Islands are warning the public against visiting non-dentists for tooth whitening treatment.

Representatives from the Health and Social Services Department have recently written to business and individuals offering whitening services to make them aware of the legal position in the Channel Islands. Whitening is considered a dental treatment and therefore according to law, should only be provided by trained, registered dentists. Beauty salons and other non-dental businesses offering whitening treatment are doing so illegally and could face prosecution.

The General Dental Council, the body responsible for regulating the provision of dental care in the UK, has warned individuals and companies that they face legal action if they are found to be offering whitening treatment and they do not have the necessary qualifications. The body has already successfully taken action against two individuals.

Members from the Health Department in Jersey have warned patients that seeing a non-dentist for treatment can put their health at risk, as there are always risks associated to any form of medical or dental treatment and practitioners do not have the relevant training to deal with any complications that arise. Whitening is also often linked to sensitivity and should always be carried out after a patient has undergone a thorough consultation.

Local dentists have also been made aware of the legal situation and the GDC encourages anyone who has information about illegal whitening to come forward.

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