Celebrity dentist shares tips for banishing sensitivity before summer

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Tooth sensitivity is a problem that affects thousands of people. If you’re familiar with the sensation of shooting pains when you sip on an ice cold drink or you bite into an ice cream, these tips from celebrity dentist, Dr Richard Marques, could help you to banish sensitivity before summer.

Sensitivity occurs when the nerves, which are contained in the dentine layer beneath the tooth enamel, become exposed. Dr Marques deals with patients with sensitive teeth on a regular basis, and claims that there are several things you can do to reduce discomfort. Perhaps the first thing you should change is the temperature of the water you use to brush your teeth. Most of us run the cold tap before dipping our brushes in and proceeding to clean our teeth, but using warm water could prove to be more comfortable for those with sensitivity. Hot water is not suitable for brushing, however  tepid water could be a good choice. Using a straw and asking for drinks without ice can also help.

Dr Marques also encouraged patients to brush gently using an electric toothbrush. It may seem logical that brushing firmly does a better job, but being gentle will achieve a deep clean without harming the enamel.

Sensitivity may be nothing to worry about, but it can be linked to decay and excessive enamel wear, so Dr Marques advises those who experience symptoms to see their dentist. If you haven’t been to the dentist in the last 6-12 months, it’s advisable to book an appointment. If you have symptoms like oral pain, sensitivity or bleeding gums, it’s particularly important to see your dentist on a regular basis.

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