Canadian dentists host dental hygiene session for Syrian refugees

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Dental professionals in Canada have hosted a dental hygiene session for refugees from Syria. Sessions were put together and run by the Canadian Alliance for Syrian Aid, and they benefited more than 130 refugees, many of who didn’t even have a toothbrush or a tube of toothpaste when they arrived in the country.

The event begun with a presentation, which was followed by interaction hygiene workshops, which enabled the group of 135, which was predominantly made up of refugees from Syria, to learn how to brush their teeth and floss effectively.

Dentists were also on hand to provide routine checks and examinations and offer brushing tips.

President of the Canadian Alliance for Syrian Aid, Ayman Chamma, said that some people didn’t own a toothbrush, and the organisation is there to support those individuals and ensure that they have the basic tools they need to practice good oral hygiene. Many of those who have arrived in Canada have spent months moving from village to village trying to find a safe place to call home. Now, thanks to the alliance and other charities, they have a chance to put down roots and they have the equipment and support they need to enjoy good oral and general health.

Dentists were aided by students from John Abbott College at the event.

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