Canadian and American dental patients flocking to Mexico

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Canadian and American dental patients are heading to Mexico in their droves to avoid high dental costs in their own countries.

In recent years, the number of dental patients heading abroad for treatment has increased significantly, as people look to save money on dental care. In some cases, treatment can be half the price in other countries and dental tourism is now booming across the globe, with patients from Northern and Western Europe, Australasia and North America most likely to travel overseas for dental treatment.

Mexico is a popular choice for both American and Canadian patients due to its proximity to the US border; for many people living in the southern states making a short trip over the border could save hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

Dentist Bernardo Magana, from Los Algodones in Mexico, has witnessed the huge increase in popularity of dental tourism; now 70, Magana arrived in the town in 1969. At the time, he was the only dentist in the town; now, 40 years later, there are more than 200 clinics in Los Algodones and the vast majority of patients are American and Canadian citizens. Dentistry has grown so much in the town that the local have branded it ‘Molar City’.  Magana has trained many of the dentists who are now working in other clinics in the town, competing to attract patients.

It is easy to see why people flock to Mexico for dental treatment; prices are considerably lower, there are no waiting lists and the standards of care in most clinics is very high; however, experts have warned patients to take caution when travelling abroad for treatment. The majority of dentists working in Mexico are highly qualified and have a wealth of experience, but there are risks associated with dental tourism and dentists in America and Canada are urging patients to research the treatment and clinic carefully before they decide to make the journey abroad.

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