Cambridgeshire dentist urges the public to be wary of DIY whitening treatments

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A dentist from Sawtry, Cambridgeshire, has urged the public to be wary of DIY home whitening tips and illegal whitening treatments offered by beauty salons and individuals this summer.

Dr Wha-Choul Lee, from Sawtry Dental, said that many people look for cheap and easy ways to lighten their smile in the summer months, but warns of the dangers of looking online for tips and using illegal whitening services. The Internet contains a whole host of information related to DIY whitening methods, but many carry a risk to health. There are also concerns that whitening treatments are still being offered by untrained practitioners, even though it is now illegal for non-dentists to offer this service to the public.

Dr Lee said that there has been a significant increase in the number of websites offering advice to help you achieve a whiter smile, but the accuracy of the information is questionable, with some even recommending using household bleach to whiten the teeth. Other suggested DIY solutions include rubbing lemon peel on the teeth and brushing with baking soda, salt or soap.

Dr Lee warned that even the most innocent seeming household items can be very damaging for the teeth; baking soda and salt are abrasive, which damages the enamel and bleach should never be put in the mouth. Bleaching the teeth can cause irreversible damage to the enamel and irritate and burn the gums.

The advice for people looking to enjoy a brighter smile this summer is to see a dentist for professional whitening treatment and maintain a good oral hygiene regime at home.

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