Bupa Launches New Dental Insurance Policy

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Leading UK insurer, Bupa, has launched its first stand-alone dental insurance policy.

There are two different types of Dental Cover policy available, offering basic and comprehensive dental cover for patients who use both NHS and private dental services. Dental Cover 10 is designed to provide additional cover for patients who are registered with an NHS dentist. The policy offers 100 percent reimbursement for NHS treatment and provides up to £15,000 per year cover for oral cancer care.

Dental Cover 20 is a more comprehensive package, which is designed for patients who are registered with a private dentist. The policy pays up to £150 for routine dental treatments, 75% of the cost of more complex treatments, including crowns and fillings, up to £6,000 for emergency dental treatment, up to £5,000 for dental injuries and up to £15,000 for oral cancer treatment.

Both policies have a six month period before cover is provided for oral cancer care and no pre-existing conditions are covered. Cosmetic treatments are also not covered by either policy.

This is the first time Bupa has offered dental policies and previously, policyholders were only able to add dental cover through the Bupa by You product.


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