British Scientists Invent Ground-Breaking Lifelong Fillings

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Scientists in Britain claim to have developed ground-breaking fillings that last a lifetime.

A team of researchers led by Professor Robert Hill from Queen Mary University of London has developed a new type of filling, which is designed to fill cavities and repair damage caused by harmful bacteria. Professor Hill explained that the filling releases chemicals, including calcium, that enable the tooth to produce new minerals that repair previous damage.

Professor Hill is confident that the new invention will change the face of modern dentistry, not just because the fillings are designed to last a lifetime, but also because they enable the tooth to undergo self-repair.

The new fillings are made of composites that contain glass. They release fluoride, calcium and phosphates, enabling the tooth to produce new minerals that mend bacterial damage and promote healing. The innovative fillings also help to prevent further decay by blocking tiny holes that could previously have been penetrated by bacteria. The minerals form a shield to protect the tooth.

At the moment, most dentists offer white fillings that are made of composite materials. They repair the teeth in aesthetically pleasing manner but only last around five years.

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