British patients warned off DIY whitening treatments

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Dental experts in the UK have warned patients against the potential dangers associated with DIY tooth whitening kits.

Earlier this week Dr Andrew Eder warned against the possible long-term implications of using home treatments, including baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and salt and encouraged people to stick to professional treatments and approved whitening products. Dr Eder advised patients that using home treatments can strip the enamel off the teeth, leaving them susceptible to decay and erosion.

Now, Dr James Goolnik has also encouraged patients to opt for professional home whitening kits as a cheaper alternative to in-house professional treatments. As whitening treatments become more popular, prices are becoming increasingly competitive and professional at home whitening kits are now available for as little as £99. 

Dr Goolnik said the home whitening kits, which involve patients wearing a mouth guard like device containing whitening agent for a short period of time every day, achieved excellent results and were completely safe. He advised patients to get in touch with their local dentists to ask about teeth whitening treatments and offers before deciding to go for a cheap, potentially dangerous homemade treatment.

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