British Dental Association Warns Against Home Whitening Kits

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The British Dental Association has issued a warning over the use of home whitening kits. The advice is relevant to all but is specifically aimed at teenagers, among whom home kits have become incredibly popular.

The BDA believes that some kits, especially those purchased online, may contain potentially harmful products and the public should be wary of the risks of using kits that have not been provided by a qualified and registered dentist.

Speaking on the Victoria Derbyshire programme, Made in Chelsea star Fran Newman-Young admitted that she uses and endorses whitening products, but urged young people to do thorough research and seek advice from their dentist before starting treatment.

Whitening has become big business in the last 30 years, since it was pioneered by celebrity dentist Dr Mervyn Druian, who told the programme that treatment can have major aesthetic benefits and lead to increased confidence, but should only be carried out by trained dentists.

According to EU legislation, products available to UK consumers over the counter should contain a very small amount of bleaching agent. Those containing higher quantities of agents such as hydrogen peroxide should only be offered and used by dentists registered with the General Dental Council.

A BBC One documentary aired last night also revealed that many home whitening sets available in chemists and supermarkets had very little impact on the shade of the teeth. In a trial overseen by Dr Wyman Chan, several popular high street products were tried and tested by a group of volunteers and the results were very poor, with many experiencing no change at all and some just half a shade, which is unrecognisable to the human eye. For the best results, Dr Chan recommended professional treatments provided by dentists.

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