British Dental Association invites dentists to share ideas to reduce carbon emissions

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The British Dental Association is inviting dental professionals to share ideas and opinions about reducing carbon emissions as the UK looks to achieve net-zero. 

The NHS is attempting to become more efficient and eco-friendly, and the BDA is hoping to use ideas from practices that are already adopting green measures to work towards new policies and guidelines that could lower carbon emissions. 

The body, which represents dental professionals in the UK, is asking individuals and groups to share ideas, case studies, pilot programmes, research projects and studies in a bid to protect the environment. 

The move follows a series of measures that have been introduced by health organisations and NHS facilities, including Great Ormond Street Hospital. The centre, which provides cutting-edge treatment for children in London, has reduced plastic waste by 21 tonnes and saved £90,000 by using fewer plastic gloves. 

The BDA is encouraging dentists to get involved and get in touch online by March 22nd. More information about the project can be obtained by emailing [email protected]

More and more UK dental practices are running eco-friendly initiatives and using sustainable materials, and the BDA believes that dentists have a lot to offer in terms of drawing up strategies to work towards Net Zero in the near future.

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