British Dental Association criticises social media influencers posing with Corona virus masks

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The British Dental Association has condemned a new trend for posing for photos with coronavirus masks, as health professionals in the UK struggle to get hold of the face masks they need to do their jobs safely and protect patients.

The BDA has hit out at social media influencers and celebrities for posting photographs of themselves wearing masks on social networks and platforms, as dentists and other health professionals have been left short due to panic-buying by the public. Since the virus broke out in China, more and more people have shared photographs online, with some sporting designer and novelty masks. 

Mick Armstrong, chair of the BDA, said that influencers and celebrities, who have millions of followers, should act responsibly at a time when there is a critical global shortage of masks. People who are posting photos liked by thousands are encouraging friends and followers to go out and buy masks when they are required by health professionals on the frontline. Panic buying in recent weeks has contributed to national shortages of disposable masks, with the public purchasing products that are usually bought only by those working in the healthcare sector. As the number of cases in the UK rises, it’s more critical than ever that the masks that are available are distributed to those that need them most. 

Dentists and other healthcare professionals use face masks on a daily basis to protect themselves and patients, but organisations like the BDA are keen to point out that wearing a mask is not an effective means to reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19.

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