British Dental Association Angered By Foundation Training “Fiasco”

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Representatives from the British Dental Association have reacted angrily to the news that 35 newly qualified dentists have not been allocated foundation training places.

Figures from the House of Commons revealed that 35 dentists who have recently graduated have not been allocated Dental Foundation Training places, which means that they will not be eligible to treat NHS patients; this equates to a waste of taxpayers’ money worth an estimated £5.5 million. The students will also be required to spend even more money completing their studies, leaving them with huge debts when they finally finish.

Dr Judith Husband, chair of ethics, education and the dental team at the British Dental Association, has branded the situation a “fiasco” and called for measures to be put in place to ensure that this does not happen again in the future. Dr Husband said that the government must review the situation immediately and make alternative arrangements for those students who are not allocated training places to undertake foundation training.




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