Bristol woman issues warning over cheap home tooth whitening treatments after suffering allergic reaction

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A woman from Bristol has urged the public to be wary of the dangers of using cheap tooth whitening products after experiencing a severe allergic reaction to a treatment she found on social media.
Clare Clark, 42, bought a home whitening treatment provided by a beautician after seeing it advertised for £60 on Facebook. Having paid more than £200 for whitening in the past, Clare couldn’t believe the price and snapped up the bargain without thinking twice. Unfortunately for the university manager and mum of two, Clare woke up with inflamed lips, having suffered an allergic reaction to the chemicals in the treatment.
Clare said that she looked like she had undergone botched lip filler treatment when she saw herself in the mirror. Her lips were swollen and her mouth was filled with painful blisters, which meant that she could barely talk or eat.
The treatment Clare had involved wearing a mouth guard, which was filled with bleaching agent. When she had the treatment, Clare was worried that the tray didn’t fit properly, and she was right to be concerned. The bleaching agent had leaked due to the poor fit, and this is why Clare suffered an adverse reaction.
Health officials have issued a series of warnings about the safety of home whitening kits, whitening products and services provided by beauticians and other non-dentists in recent years.
Clare decided to share her story to encourage others to think twice about buying into cheap whitening treatments, and encouraged anyone who does want a whiter smile to seek professional advice from a dentist. Whitening products that are sold online are often ineffective and sometimes dangerous, and services provided by anyone who is not a qualified dental professional registered with the General Dental Council are illegal.

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