Brighton Dentist Still Smiling 370 Miles Into 500 Mile Charity Walk

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A dentist from Brighton is still smiling, despite suffering from blisters and shin splints, as she attempts to walk 500 miles from Scotland to Brighton. Christine Chatfield is around 370 miles into the 500 mile walk and is expected to finish the challenge on Monday 19th June.


Christine decided to do the walk to raise awareness of oral cancer and she said she is enjoying the challenge so far, despite the fact that her feet an legs are sore and she is tired. She has been joined by many people on the walk so far and well-wishers have cheered her on, which has given the extra determination to make it to the rest stops every day. Christine said that she has been touched by the support, with a woman who was 6 months pregnant, even stopping to walk with her.


Christine said that she has enjoyed the walk and meeting new people, although she is looking forward to wearing clean clothes and sleeping in her own bed.


The aims of the charity walk are to raise awareness of oral cancer and to encourage the government to consider introducing the HPV vaccine, which is currently given to girls to reduce the risk of cervical cancer, for boys in a bid to reduce rates of oral cancer. The vaccine is already for boys and girls in some countries and some health workers believe that it should be widely available for boys in the UK, as HPV infection has been identified as a major risk factor for oral cancer in recent years.


Christine has already been on the roads for 18 days, making her way down the country and she is due to arrive on Brighton seafront on the 19th.

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