Brighton dental hygienist launches new campaign to promote good dental health

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A dental hygienist from Brighton is calling upon fellow professionals to support a new campaign, which is designed to encourage members of the public to understand the importance of good oral health and the value of having access to dental services.

Christina Chatfield, from the Dental Health Spa, has set up the Save Our Smiles campaign to educate people about the role of dental professionals, the importance of having access to dental care and the impact of healthy teeth and gums. Ms Chatfield is hoping to raise awareness of the most prominent issues affecting the dental industry in the wake of the Covid-19 lockdown and she is also raising funds for the Oral Health Foundation as part of the 2020 National Smile Month campaign. 

Ms Chatfield is hoping to get dental professionals and patients involved and is encouraging people to use a new filter on Instagram to highlight the potential consequences of neglecting dental health. The filter, which is available on the Save Our Smiles page, enables users to swap their natural smile for a set of rotten, unsightly teeth. The aim is to make everyone recognise the value of dental workers and to understand the benefits of taking good care of the teeth and gums. 

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