Bright, White and Sparkling Dentures

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Since the invention of effervescent tablets in 1931, the only way to clean dentures was to stick them in a glass to soak overnight.

Leaving your dentures by your bedside all night doesn’t guarantee completely clean and disinfected dentures and who’s to say you don’t want to wear your dentures out all night long, when you’re out with friends? However, a new system has now hit the market, which can clean dentures, mouth guards, brace retainers and Invisalign aligners in only 15 minutes.

SonicBrite combines a battery powered sonic bath with a concentrated cleaner, which not only cleans, but disinfect, removes stains and kill 99.9% of bacteria.SonicBrite uses ultrasonic waves to force cleaning formula into crevices, creases and tiny porous holes, removing all stains and germs where they are trapped.

An infected dental appliance can have a negative affect on your overall health and has been shown to cause systemic illness such as respiratory infections, cardio endoncarditis and intestinal infections.

Using SonicBrite means a greater level of hygiene and stain free dental appliances.


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