Braunton dental nurse prepares to hit the high seas on charity mission

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A dental nurse from Braunton is preparing to swap terra firma for the high seas, as she joins a team of volunteers aboard the ship, Africa Mercy.
Kate Rogers, from Riverside Dental, is leaving the UK on Saturday 24th February to embark on a charity mission in Cameroon. Kate will be part of a team volunteering for the charity, Mercy Ships, and she will be stationed on Africa Mercy. Once the boat has docked, the team will travel inland to run temporary clinics.

Kate has already visited Africa a couple of times, but this will be the longest trip to date. Kate has been working hard to raise £1,250 for the trip and she will be part of a team made up entirely of volunteers, from cleaners to chefs, doctors and dentists. The ship is equipped with a vast supply of dental and medical technology and supplies and there are operating theatres and treatment suites on board.

The aim of the charity, Mercy Ships, is to travel to poor countries all over the world, providing medical and dental treatment for people in urgent need of help. Kate said that the nature of the work is very difficult, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. People are living in tough conditions, it’s hot and the environment is very different to home, but those who come to the clinics are gracious and grateful. Although Kate will be working long hours, she knows that it will be worth her while, and she is spurred on by the fact that her skills and time are making a difference to others.

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