Botox keeps faces in good nick, says surgeon

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Facial rejuvenation treatment cannot improve people’s looks, but simply delay the ageing process, it has been revealed.

Speaking to the Times, cosmetic surgeon Jean Louis Sebagh explained that his work is like restoring a picture.

"I don’t want to change the painting, I want to keep your face in good nick for as long as possible by giving back what you’re losing," he remarked.

The surgeon added that although he cannot restore people’s faces to the way they were when they were 25, he can delay them ageing further for around 20 years.

"I have patients in their sixties who are the perfect combination of maturity, beauty, life and soul," he said.

Dr Sebagh claimed that although some results of fillers and Botox can be very obvious and out of proportion, when performed well "everything can be harmonious".

However, Botox and fillers should be combined with a good anti-ageing skincare regime, he recently told the Daily Record.ADNFCR-1374-ID-18589510-ADNFCR

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