Bolton dentist sheds light on ‘healthy’ foods that can damage the teeth

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A dentist from Bolton has shared some tips to help people determine the possible impact of eating and drinking so-called ‘healthy’ products on their dental health this summer.

We’re often advised to increase our intake of fruit and vegetables, and you may think that buying a bottle of juice or a smoothie constitutes making healthy choices. The trouble is that there’s a lot of ambiguity when it comes to ingredients. Juices are acidic, which is harmful for the enamel, but they also tend to contain a lot of added sugar. Smoothies may contain a host of vitamins, which are good for you, but again, manufacturers often add sugar to enhance the flavour. Bolton dentist, Dr Ansar Mahmood, from Synergy Dental Clinics, sympathised with patients, saying that products are often marketed as healthy alternatives to options like fizzy drinks, when in reality the sugar content is very similar.

The advice from dentists is to check food labels for sugar content, to avoid drinking anything acidic between meals and to try and opt for homemade smoothies. When you make a smoothie at home, you don’t just have control of the fruits and vegetables you use. You’re also in charge of how much sugar is added, and this can make all the difference. Studies showed that some shop-bought smoothies exceeded the recommended daily intake of sugar for a child.

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