Bloxham dental practice hosts fun day for local children

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Some children fear going to the dentist, but more than 100 kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves at a dental fun day in Bloxham recently.

To encourage children to feel more confident and comfortable when a dental appointment looms, the team at Bloxham Dental organised a dental day. Offering a programme packed with activities and competitions to win prizes, local kids were invited to take part in educational quizzes and games. More than 100 children attended the event, and the feedback from children and their parents was really positive.

Often, children can feel apprehensive about going to the dentist, and fun days are a great way to break down barriers between kids and dentists and show children that actually, going to the dentist isn’t scary at all.

On the day, the receptionists dressed up as tooth fairies, fruit and bottles of water were donated by local Tesco and Aldi stores, and dentists provided free check-ups. There were colouring and word search competitions, and everyone was invited to dress up.

The practice already provides family dentistry, and from 1st April 2019, children’s orthodontic services will also be available.

The practice team had a great time meeting younger patients and giving them advice and information about looking after their teeth and gums and protecting their smiles. Dental decay is the most common cause of childhood hospital admissions in the UK, and teaching kids about oral hygiene and healthy eating at a young age will hopefully help to bring rates of decay down and improve standards of oral health in the future.



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