Birmingham dental practice closes suddenly, leaving patients out of pocket

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Patients in Birmingham have been left out of pocket after a dental practice closed unexpectedly. 

Hundreds of patients are angry and worried after Finest Dental shut its Jewellery Quarter practice suddenly. The cosmetic dental studio has closed its doors, with a large group of patients only part-way through treatment they had already paid for in advance. After news of the closure broke, a number of patients got together to form a group on social media, which is fighting to get money back from the chain. 

Finest Dental had around 25 practices across the country, but there are signs that all is not well. Recently, patients in Hampshire spoke about being let down by the firm after having appointments cancelled, and many found themselves in the same boat as those registered with the Birmingham clinic. People have paid for treatment, which has not been completed, and there are concerns that hundreds of patients, staff members and suppliers are now out of pocket. Patients who are in the middle of a course of treatment are also worried about how they are going to pay to have their treatment completed. According to a new Facebook group formed by patients of Finest Dental practices, there are also several people who have paid deposits for treatment courses that were never started.

As yet, there has been no comment from Finest Dental, but it seems as though the chain has closed all of its clinics across the UK.

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