Beware of household bleach: dental patients urged to steer clear of illegal whitening operations

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Illegal practitioners are using chemicals such as household bleach to provide cut-price whitening treatments, it has been revealed.

Tracey Bell, owner of Tracey Bell clinics in Liverpool and the Isle of Man, said that unsuspecting patients are putting their health at risk as a result of illegal practitioners offering discounted treatments, which involve using chemicals that are not safe. Although the General Dental Council has clamped down on illegal whitening, research suggests that there are still many people and companies offering whitening treatment and a huge number of patients who are unaware that the treatments they may be buying into are actually illegal.

Under EU law, tooth whitening is a dental service, and as such, should be administered solely by qualified, registered dental professionals. If you offer whitening treatment and you don’t have the relevant qualifications, you may be liable for prosecution. The GDC has already taken several cases to court.

Tracey Bell urged people who want whiter teeth to visit a dental practice and encouraged patients to steer clear of clinics and salons that offer deals that look too good to be true.

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