Berwick dental practice launches new sedation services for nervous patients

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A dental practice in Berwick has launched new conscious sedation services for anxious patients.
Berwick Smile Dental Care is now able to offer sedation for patients who require intensive or complex treatment after adding a new sedation dentist to the practice team. Rheyah Vihahn has nine years of experience in providing sedation for patients who suffer from dental phobia or anxiety, and she is now taking bookings for the weeks and months ahead.
Dental anxiety is very common, and many patients feel anxious about procedures that are likely to carry a risk of pain or last for a long time. Sedation provides a means of eliminating pain and helping patients to feel more relaxed without the use of general anaesthetic. It can help those who are unsettled to feel calmer in the run-up to the procedure, as well as preventing discomfort during treatment.
Principal dentist, Indra Rampersad, said that she is committed to providing her patients with the best dental treatments, and adding sedation services will enable the practice to care for nervous patients more effectively and enable those who do struggle with anxiety to feel more comfortable and confident when going to the dentist.

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