Belfast woman urges patients considering dental tourism to think twice

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A woman from Belfast has urged other patients to think twice about going abroad for treatment after visiting a clinic in Istanbul, Turkey.

Amanda Turner, 34, decided to go to Turkey for treatment to enhance her smile after pregnancy left her teeth weak and painful. She couldn’t afford to have the treatment at home and found a deal in Istanbul for approximately 3,630 euros.

When Amanda went to discuss the treatment, which she thought included root canal therapy and new crowns, she thought everything was fine. However, on the day she was supposed to have her crowns fitted, she noticed that the dentist had several bridges prepared. She questioned what was going on while experiencing extreme pain during the procedure but was told that this was the perfect solution for her. On the day before she was due to fly home, she realised that there was a serious problem. She started to develop intense pain and she found that the new bridges had been fitted incorrectly.

After visiting her own dentist back in Belfast, Amanda is now faced with the prospect of paying bills that could reach up to £18,000 to fix the problem. Her dentist said that she would have to be referred to a medical dentist to rectify the issue. She had taken out a loan to pay for the trip to Turkey and can’t afford to have the remedial treatment.

Speaking about her situation, Amanda said that she couldn’t believe what had happened. She made the decision to have dental treatment to get rid of the pain she experienced since her recent pregnancy and the procedure has made the pain even more unbearable. To make the situation even worse, after a heated exchange with the clinic, they refused to pay for the hotel and Amanda has a receipt and a warranty for crowns that she never had.

Amanda said that she wanted to share her story to urge others to be cautious when thinking about going overseas for treatment. She researched extensively and thought she was making the right decision, but she now regrets going abroad.

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