Belfast Dentist Facing Malpractice Charges Still Working

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A dentist who is facing malpractice charges is still working, a court has heard.

Professor Philip Lamey is facing 46 counts of malpractice; however, a court in Belfast has heard that he is continuing to work in general practice. Professor Lamey was seeking a High Court injunction to block the trust from prohibiting him from working during the court case; however, it was blocked by Mr Justice Deeny following a hearing last week.

Mr Justice Deeny ruled that Professor Lamey should not be working throughout the case, as the General Dental Council had the right to wait and see the outcome of the hearing before they decide whether or not to allow him to practise.

Professor Lamey is facing 46 counts of malpractice, which relate to his work at the Royal Dental Hospital in Belfast and involve 33 patients; Professor Lamey is also a professor at Queen’s University.

Professor Lamey has denied the charges and wanted to take legal action from prevent him from having to give up work; however, not that the injunction has been blocked, he will not be able to practise until the case is over. The court proceedings are due to resume in October.

Professor Lamey was asked to stand down from his job as a consultant at the Royal Dental Hospital, Belfast after concerns were raised over the standard of his work. More than one hundred patients were called back to the hospital for checks as part of a review of his clinical performance. He denies all 46 charges.



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