Belfast City Council Issues Warning Over Illegal Tooth Whitening Treatment

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 Belfast City Council has issued a warning to the public over illegal tooth whitening treatment in the city.

The council has acted following reports from members of staff from the Environmental Health department, which stated that illegal services were becoming more commonplace. The council has now warned the public that anyone offering tooth whitening treatment should be registered with the General Dental Council under European regulations, which state that dental treatments must be provided by trained, registered dentists only.

Tooth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments around and beauty salons often offer the service at discounted prices in comparison to dental practices to make them more appealing to consumers. However, there is a risk of side-effects and complications, therefore the public should be aware of the dangers of illegal whitening. The advice from dentists and from the council is to see a dentist if you want to enjoy a brighter set of pearly whites.

A spokesperson for the council advised anyone who knows of illegal services to get in touch and stated that the council would contact the General Dental Council in the event that it is made aware of an illegal provider. The GDC has already successfully prosecuted a number of individuals and the charge carries the risk of a fine.

The warning comes shortly after a Belfast man who was posing as a dentist with expertise in tooth whitening was prosecuted by the GCD and then subsequently found to be operating his business venture, HD Smile. Samuel Irvine-Madine was prosecuted by the GDC after he was found to be providing whitening services without the valid qualifications or registration.

The council has sent a letter to business around the city reminding them of the legal stipulations surrounding tooth whitening.

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