Beau the Dog Helps Dental Patients Feel More Relaxed in Queensland

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Anxious dental patients in Queensland, Australia, are taking comfort from the calming presence of Beau the therapy dog.

Beau has been added to the team at a chain of North Queensland dental practices run by partners Dr Hany Aziz and business manager Trehan Stenton. The duo travel between clinics based in Mackay and Moranbah. Usually, it’s just the two of them, but recently they’ve welcomed a new travelling companion. Beau, who is a Cavoodle (a cross between a King Charles cavalier and a poodle) has started accompanying Hany and Trehan in a bid to help anxious patients feel more relaxed.

Therapy dogs have been soothing nervous patients for a while in the US, but Beau is Australia’s first official dental dog. At the moment, as he is still only a puppy, Beau stays in the waiting room and plays with patients. He is still undergoing training, but is doing well and his owners claim that he’s usually very well-behaved.

Trehan took Beau into work with him when he first brought him home and he was an instant hit with patients, especially the children. He helps to distract their attention and make them feel happy and relaxed at a time that can be nerve-wracking for many.

The pair claim that Beau has been particularly helpful for children, especially those who are going to the dentist for the first time and those who have suffered dental trauma. When they see Beau, they instantly feel better and sometimes, they even look forward to coming back for their next appointment. Dr Aziz said that some patients pop in from time to time just to give Beau a stroke.

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