BDA supports tooth whitening prosecution

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Representatives from the British Dental Association have welcomed the prosecution of a non-dental professional, who has been providing tooth whitening treatments.

The BDA says that the prosecution is good news for patients; the result of the case will help to protect patients in the future and ensure that people who offer tooth whitening services are qualified and have the necessary experience and expertise.

The defendant, a non-dental professional pleaded guilty to the charge of providing tooth whitening services without the necessary experience and qualifications, which constitutes a breach of the Dentists Act.

The BDA supports the stance of the General Dental Council; the GDC classes tooth whitening as a dental procedure and therefore believes that only people with valid dental qualifications should be allowed to provide such services. The BDA has also raised concerns about the safety of some whitening products, a concern which has been has been shared by the European Union’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Products.

Stuart Johnston, from the BDA, said that the successful prosecution was a “victory for patient safety.”

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