BDA calls for later CQC registration deadline

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The British Dental Association has issued a fresh call for a later CQC registration deadline, amidst confusion relating to dentists’ CRB checks.

Representatives from the BDA have written to the Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, to ask him to delay the deadline for CQC registration so that a number of issues with the system can be resolved; the most recent issue involves the CRB check. There is currently a problem with the verification process of dentists’ CRB checks and this means that many dentists may not satisfy the criteria required by the CQC by the registration deadline, which is fast approaching. Dentists are angry because they have followed the instructions they were given but there has been a problem with verification process, which may mean that the end of March deadline for registration is unobtainable.

The letter sent to Mr Lansley also included a copy of a letter to Cynthia Bower, the chief executive of the CQC, which highlighted the new fiasco involving the CRB checks. Many dentists will receive notification from the CQC this week that their CRB records have not been passed on from Primary Care Trusts and as a result they will have to visit Crown post offices to get a new form and have it verified.

Dr Susie Sanderson, chief executive of the BDA, says that this latest hitch is disappointing but not surprising; she said the  process has become a “fiasco” and many dentists are very angry about the current situation.

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