Barrow youngsters brush up on dental hygiene

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Youngsters in Barrow have been brushing up on dental hygiene at nursery.

The team at Yarlside Nursery on Red Oak Avenue has been teaching children about brushing their teeth, eating healthily and going to the dentist. Kathryn Turner, a nursery teacher, has been running classes on dental hygiene for years and recently introduced the kids at Yarlside Nursery to the subject.

As part of a fun, educational programme to encourage children to look after their teeth and gums, Kathryn and her colleagues organised a series of activities to help the kids learn. Children used props to practice their brushing skills on soft toys with oversized teeth and the team talked to them about how much toothpaste to use, how to hold the brush properly and how long to brush for.

Kathryn said that she feels that it is very important that children learn about dental hygiene at a young age, as decay is common and at the age of 1-4 years old, it’s beneficial to encourage children to develop brushing habits under supervision.

The aim of the sessions is to make learning about healthy teeth and gums as fun and accessible as possible. Usually, one of the parents brings props in for the workshop, but this year she couldn’t make it.

The team borrowed the props, which include brushes and soft toys with big teeth, and demonstrated how to brush. They then helped the children to clean the toys’ teeth and spoke to them about why cleaning is important. They also used timers to encourage the children to brush for two minutes.

Kathryn also showed the class clips of people going to the dentist to help them understand what going to a practice entails and prepare them for sitting in the dental chair.

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