Australian Researchers Analysing the Link Between Bad Teeth and Junk Food

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Researchers at the University of Queensland Children’s Nutrition Research Centre and School of Dentistry are investigating the link between bad teeth and junk food. Researchers are trying to determine whether children adapt their eating habits as a result of dental health problems.

Sarah Officer, study leader, said that previous studies have analysed eating habits in adults, while this study is focused on children.

A report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare on oral health and dental care suggests that diet is affected by dental problems, but this research is not concerned with children specifically.

Officer said that the research team is eager to determine whether children with dental problems, such as misaligned teeth and decay, adapt their diet as a result. In turn, the team will also investigate how the changes affect their bodies and whether they increase the risk of long-term illnesses.

Ms Officer said that the findings could be used to develop screening and prevention programmes, which would be used for vulnerable children.


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