Australian Dentist Set to Become the World’s Oldest Graduate

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A dentist from Australia is set to become the world’s oldest graduate after completing his fourth degree at the age of 97.

Allan Stewart completed his first degree in Dentistry in 1936 and decided to go back to university in the 1980s in order to keep his mind active. He completed a second degree in Dental Surgery and in 2006 returned to school to take on a new direction, embarking upon a degree in Law.

The course, which typically takes around six years, took Allan less than five because he insisted that “time was of the essence” and he wanted to make sure that he made the graduation ceremony.

Now, more than 75 years after his first graduation, Allan is preparing to take the stage for the final time after gaining a Master’s degree in Clinical Science.

Allan has confirmed that this will be his last degree and said that it is time for him to “hang up” the mortar board.

Allan has urged anyone who is interested in studying to pursue their dreams, adding that it is never too late to broaden your horizons, take on a fresh challenge and meet new people.


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