Are you familiar with the signs of oral cancer?

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Did you know that oral cancer kills more people in the UK than cervical and testicular cancer combined? Unfortunately, public awareness of mouth cancer is poor, and this means that many cases are diagnosed at an advanced stage.

Lancashire dentist, Dr Richard Ho from Synergy Dental Clinics, recently appeared in the local press to answer questions about oral cancer and try and raise awareness of a form of cancer that has become more prevalent in the UK. The number of cases in the UK has almost doubled in the last decade, yet people are still unaware of the causes, risk factors, and symptoms.

Dr Ho encouraged patients to attend regular check-ups, which include routine oral cancer checks, and urged members of the public to be vigilant. Symptoms like red or white patches in the mouth, difficulty swallowing and abnormal lumps or swelling should be investigated immediately. It’s also wise to get any unexplained pain or bleeding checked out, and to see a doctor if you have mouth ulcers that haven’t healed after 2 weeks.

In many cases of mouth cancer, there is no clear cause, but smoking and drinking are known to increase the risk of oral cancer significantly. If you smoke and you drink on a regular basis, the risk can be elevated by more than 30 percent. Exposure to the HPV (human papilloma virus) and a poor diet lacking in vitamins and minerals can also increase the chances of developing mouth cancer.

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