Antrim Dental Team preparing for Albania Trip

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A team of health and dental professionals are preparing to go to Albania, with the volunteers travelling to Europe’s poorest country to provide much-needed dental and medical services.

The trip takes place every year and volunteers hold medical and dental clinics to help people in remote locations, where poverty is rife and conditions are described as third world. The clinics target people who are too poor to pay for medical and dental treatment and in some cases, people are so desperate for help that they have tried to treat themselves by removing teeth with pliers.

This year’s team include Dr Bryan Lynch and his wife, Noreen who is a nurse, dentist David Bell and dental nurse Anne Bell, Janet Knight, a dental hygienist and her daughter, Sarah, a dental nurse and Dr Roberta Campbell.

Speaking to the Ballymoney Times, Anne Bell, said that this was the third time she was travelling to Albania and the trip is a great opportunity to help people who are in desperate need of basic dental and medical care.

The team is due to head out to Albania on the 27th August and fundraising events are taking place in the coming weeks. An auction will also be held this Saturday at Mr Matthews’ house in Ballymoney.


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