Americans flocking to the dentist for new ‘must have’ look

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In recent years, America has been associated with an ultra white, ultra healthy looking Hollywood style smile but now a trend has emerged and thousands of Americans are visiting their dentist in a bid to stay on course with the fashion pack.

Getting a gap between the teeth is now the fastest growing cosmetic dental procedure in the USA, with celebrity favourites including Madonna and Vanessa Paradis and models Lara Stone and Georgia Jagger all flaunting the quirky new trend. Evidently, the stars have a natural gap between their teeth but they have now a set a trend which thousands are keen to copy.

Historically, a gap between the front teeth has not been seen as a sign of beauty; however, now with huge fashion houses using models like Georgia Jagger and a host of other models, including Lauren Hutton and Jessica Hart with a gap between their teeth, it seems like the gap has become the look du jour. Lara Stone claims she was bullied at school because she was tall and skinny with ‘weird’ teeth; however, she’s the one laughing now, as she was spotted on the Paris underground and has carved out a very successful modelling career since.

The procedure costs around £1,500, which may be up to three times the cost of similar treatments used to produce the Hollywood smile.

According to Harriet Quick from Vogue, the gappy smile is a perfect complement to the modern twist on classic designs being showcased by several designers this year. She claims that ‘odd beauty’ makes people look twice and can be much more captivating than natural, conventional beauty. 

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