American Dental Student Preparing For Honduras Trip

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Students from the University of Maryland are preparing to leave America to help people in need in Honduras.

The recently formed University of Maryland Global Dental Brigades will be sending a group of 20 students to Honduras to provide basic dental care; the group will be jetting off in January 2013.

The new group is part of the International Global Brigades, a student volunteer programme that organises trips to poor countries across the world, including Ghana and Panama.

The UMD group will be working with the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Global Dental Brigades.

During the week-long trip, volunteers will be setting up make-shift dental clinics in rural communities to provide free dental treatment for villagers; access to dental care is very poor in Honduras and many of the people the students will see will be visiting a dentist for the first time in their lives.

Daniel Dadkhoo, fundraising vice president and junior kinesiology major, said that dental services in Honduras are very sparse and people have to wait for months or travel for hours to see a dentist; the rural pop-up clinics will make a huge difference to the communities and also provide the students with invaluable experience and memories that they will never forget.


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